Prosourz codes of conduct

Standard employee eode (SEC)

  • neat appearance
  • pleasant attitude
  • polite behaviour
  • truthfulness and trustworthiness in deals
  • attention to details and punctuality
  • concern for nature and natural resources
  • propriety in all interactions


General employment practices

  • respect and obedience to superiors
  • politeness and civility in behaving with equals
  • understanding and helping mentality
    in interacting with inferiors
  • avoiding violence at all times
  • accepting equal opportunity and diversity
  • respecting laws of safety, health
  • minimising use of resources
  • protecting the environment


Etiquette guidelines

  • keeping noise to the minimum while phoning or
    talking to those nearby
  • being mindful of correct body language always
  • avoiding whistling and use of bubblegum
    before others, especially customers
  • being courteous to all
  • showing helpful and cooperative attitude
  • minimising all types of interruptions into others' work
  • always trying to improve skills and output


Neatness norms

  • dressing neatly, whether there is a uniform or not
  • washing and ironing uniform and wearing it with
    all accessories
  • avoiding coughing and sneezing in the
    direction of others and always using a kerchief
  • using suitable deodorants if there is
    noticeable body odour
  • avoiding clothes that are informal and unsuitable
    for standard and decorum
  • such other regulations that may be suggested
    by the company


General business practices to be
followed in any post

  • maintaining accuracy and confidentiality in
    documents and business records
  • fair dealing and integrity in financial matters
  • being sagacious in relations with share holders,
    public and authorities
  • truthfulness and trustworthiness in deals
  • being careful in socio-political involvement, etc.