Payment of salary

Along with the payment of salary and related amounts, recovery will be made towards compliances including PF, EPF, ESI, Group Insurance, Profession Tax, Income Tax, Employees Welfare Fund, etc., according to the compliance regulations of the authorities and organisations and as agreed by the employee and the client company. These will be remitted into the proper accounts for each remittance, with immediate intimation to the employee, the client company and any receiving organisation or authority if required.

Legal support

All legal support will be given to the employer in case of any legal support that becomes justifiably needed in relation with the employee recruited by Prosourz without going into the merits of the case and without prejudice to either party in the dispute or action.


Prosourz maintains a Calendar, separate for each State, showing central and state holidays and restricted holidays followed in each State and keeps it carefully updated with the latest inputs from official sources.

Grievances of the employees

Prosourz issues statutory certificates like Relieving Certificate and Experience Certificate with the concurrence of the employer or the client company. Further grievances of the employees received from time to time are referred to the grievance cell within the office of Prosourz and initiatives taken to settle them amicably without harm to the employee or employer. Prozourz Issues regular periodical statements on the different segments of the payments made and recoveries deducted and remitted and generates and supplies department-wise, category-wise and location-wise expenses under different items of payment, recovery and remittance

Maintenance services

The clients, contractors and workmen require regular and careful maintenance services regarding their licenses, wages, returns, provident fund, insurance, welfare fund, bonus, etc. for the unhindered accrual of their due benefits and for avoiding legal issues with the various authorities. Prosourz takes proper care of all these requirements and provides flawless maintenance services without any room for complaint.

  • Form VI - Maintenance of Contractor Licenses
  • Form XXVI - Register of Workmen Employed by Contractors
  • Form XXVII - Register of Wages
  • Form XXVIII - Wage Slips
  • Form XXIV - Half Yearly Returns to be sent by the Contractors
  • The Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
    • Form 2 - Declaration and Nomination
    • Monthly Remittance Challan
    • Monthly Remittance Challan - Paid on Due Date (or) Not
    • Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR)
  • The Employees' State Insurance Rules, 1948
    • Form 1
      • Declaration Form
      • Monthly remittance Challan
      • Monthly Remittance Challan - Paid Due Date (or) Not
      • Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR)
    • Form 11 - Accident Book
    • Form 12 - Accident Report
  • The Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1972
    • Form A - Statement of Contributions
  • The Bonus Act
    • Form C - Register of Bonus
    • Form D - Bonus Returns
  • Profession Tax Remittance Records