Payroll Outsourcing Companies in Chennai


Prosourz is a professional Payroll Management Company (PMC) which caters to the HR needs of its client Companies, ensuring that their employees are paid salary on due dates and that their recoveries and subscriptions are remitted into the proper accounts.

Companies generally have to focus on their core activities related to production, R&D, marketing, quality control, compliances and other such matters. HR management takes up a lot of their valuable time away from these activities. Sometimes, due to the great number of employees, the payroll work becomes very complex and time consuming.

This is where Prosourz enters the scene. It provides services that are necessary in the payroll management of its client companies, like calculation of salary depending upon components of salary, various compliances, attendance, variable inputs, other benefits, etc. and directly deposits funds in the accounts of the employees and generates reports and returns accordingly.

Prosourz goes a step ahead of the run-of-the mill payroll companies in the case of loyal customers, taking the responsibility of managing salary payment and fulfilling compliances even ahead of getting the amount from them.



We envisage the rendering of flawless services of global standard to our clients, at every stage, strictly adhering to the specifications and requirements of each client.


The vision of the company will be achieved through integrity and trustworthiness, dedication to excellence, adherence to punctuality, commitment to compliance with the demands of each client and the insistence on transparency and fairness in every deal.


♦ Persevering in continuation of consistent upgrading of all our services.
♦ Giving complete satisfaction to the clients through punctuality and quality.
♦ Making every process more and more streamlined, simpler and faultless

Core Values

Integrity in all dealings

Quality and expertise

Dedication to customer needs

Excellence in rendering service

Reliability in procedures and processes

Flexibility in strategies


Dedicated transition teams that help you manage the migration with ease. 3-tier team structure to ensure proper communication with clients at all levels. Domain experience to manage different activities of payroll processing, accounting and temp staffing.

Data Security

Systems at Paysquare are protected from any external threats such as virus, malware or hacking. Business Continuity plans (BCP) as well as Disaster Recovery plans ( DRP) to ensure that any calamity does not affect business operations of clients.


With high level of automation and strong process culture, Paysquare is able to offer high degree of accuracy and predictability across its payroll outsourcing and other engagements. Precision: highly customizable and robust back-end payroll engine.